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Husky Dog Sledding and Chukotka Folk Show near Moscow

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Now it's not necessary to spend huge money to buy flight or cruise to Chukotka, not necessary to get special permission and have all other inconveniences to take part in legendary Husky Dog Sledding and look for folk show.

Just visit Moscow and have one day tour to Round Lake (Krugloye Lake),which is located in25 km to the North West from the Russian Capital.

Tour program

10:00 Our driver will pick you up from your accommodation and transfer to Round Lake which is located in 25 km to the North-West from Moscow.

Upon arrival to the lake you have a meeting with Mr.Vladimir Radzivilov, professional musher. He spent 45 years on Chukotka,working as a hunter and musher then he moved to Moscow region with his family. He was regular participant of Beringia race on dogs on Kamchatka and became a winner in 1992. This competiton was entere in the Guiness Book of records.

You have dog sledding on the ice of Round Lake and nearest forest. Then you have a stop in real Chukotka house Yaranga which has been built by Vladimir Radzivilov according to original sizes and materials.

There is small museum of Chukotka life with real exhibits collecting during long time of working on the Russian North. After the short break,you will see the real Chukotka Folk show with kindling of fire without matches,Chukotka music,throat singing,tambourine music and folk dancing in the perfomance of real aborigines,leaving in Moscow and Region.

After perfomance you have a picnic with tea,hand made pancakes,potato making in open fire.Meat,fish and alcohol are available too but on your preliminary request.

Prices per person:

Group of 8-7: RUR 3100 or EUR 45 or USD 55

Group of 6: RUR 3300 or EUR 48 or USD 59

Group of 5: RUR 3500 or EUR 50 or USD 62

Group of 4: RUR 3700 or EUR 53 or USD 66

Group of 3: RUR 4200 or EUR 60 or USD 75

Group of 2: RUR 5300 or EUR 76 or USD 94

The price includes: Husky Dog Sledding,Chukotka and Russian Folk show,Picnic,Roundway transfer.

Husky Dog Sledding 04.01.18 Malaysian Group video