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02.05.2017 Tour to Georgia

7 Days Tour to Georgia is a great opportunity to visit Georgia and all magnificent places and cities of this country. To know more about Georgian culture and traditions. To see nature and mountains, to taste excellent wine and Georgian food.

To know more about Tour to Georgia:

25.04.2017 Trans-Siberian Railway tour: 10% discount for train tickets

Dear Guests.
Make the reservation of Trans-Siberian,Trans-Mongolian or Trans-Manchurian tour starting after 01.04.17 and get 10% discount for train tickets plus Russian visa invitation for free of charge.
The offer is valid from now on until 31.05.17.

For high spirits each guest is given a bottle of Champagne!

25.02.2017 Trans-Mongolian Tour: book&get free visa support

See and experiance China's 'Imperial City',then the Great Wall and across of the Gobi desert to the grasslands of Mongolia.And go to Lake Baikal and by the great Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow and St.Petersburg,the most exciting cities of Russia.Visit Red Square,St.Basil's Cathedral and the Kremlin then north to the 18th century buildings and palaces of St.Petersburg.The great journey across Eurasia in 20 days.

Send us your request with the dates and we'll prepare your itinerary as 'Taylor made tour'personally for you.If you have your own accommodation,you could ask us to provide train tickets only,in this case you also get free Russian visa invitation from us.

29.10.2016 Chukotka in Moscow Area: Dogs sledding & folk show in Russia

Now it's not necessary to spend huge money to buying flight or cruise to Chukotka, not necessary to get KGB permission and have all other troubles.

The clients should just arrive Moscow and have one day tour to Round Lake (Krugloye Lake),specially in snow time of the year from November till March inclusive.

Our driver will pick up the clients from their accommodation and transfer to Round Lake which is located in 25 km to the north-west from Moscow.

The clients have dog sledding on the ice of Round Lake and nearest forest. Then they have a stop in real Chukotka house Yaranga. To know more about the tour:


20.10.2016 Top 10 reasons to visit Russia in winter

There is a popular legend, that the best time to visit Russia is summer. But it’s a myth. Be sure, there are o lot interesting things for everyone to see and experience during the winter months in Moscow, St. Petersburg and famous Russian towns and places. The winter season is truly magical and offers many unique events, tours, and exhibitions to make your visit to Russia unforgettable.

1. Winter – is the low season, so the prices are not so high. Places to visit, activities and programs are the same and sometimes are more interesting.

2. The second main reason is SNOW. Winter – is a traditional Russian season. You can fell this country well only if you see it in snow and ice. At the same time Winter is typical for Russia, it’s not a catastrophe for transport communications and other services, so your trip will be comfortable.

3. There are wonderful tour programs to showcase the majesty, beauty and culture of Moscow and St. Petersburg during the winter period from November to March. Programs are sponsored by many of the major hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg and they offer special prices during the winter months.

4. You can feel yourself Russian and take tour to the palaces and royal residences of the Tsar’s, Art Galleries, Museums and Theaters. They are calm and cozy in winter.

5. Enjoy a hearty bowl of Russian borsch and imperial Russian vodka with traditional delicious.

6. Shopping spree including the Ananov Jewelry shop and the St. Petersburg Porcelain Factory, Arbat Street in Moscow and many wonderful Moscow Plazas (winter – is a sale season).

7. Visit the Bolshoy Theater. The greatest Theater in the world is opening this October after 15 years of reconstruction! It’s a unique event for Russia and for people, who like ballet. You have the great opportunity to be one of the first lucky people, who visit the BT after many years of deep silence

8. Option: an evening of ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre including the International Mariinsky Ballet Festival.

9. Enjoy a day in a warm Russian banya (sauna) to revive the senses and relax. Or visit the Ice- Bar «Kaufman»in the centre of Moscow – the place, where all details - from walls to glasses – are «ice made». The menu contains vodka & Russian delicious.

10. Try tasty Russian pancakes with caviar during Russian pancake week. You also have an opportunity to skate on the Red Square near the Kremlin walls. To drink mulled wine. To buy fur hat «ala rusе», walking down Arbat-street. To see and touch ice-figures in the centre of city. To celebrate the famous Russian winter holidays: New Year, Christmas and Maslennitsa.

And this us not enough! You can take a train-tour to Baikal Lake (the biggest and oldest lakes in the world). The tour includes ice diving, fishing, ice safari, wooden chalet, Dog Sleddind etc.

The pure air, Russian winter nature & visa support are free of charge!

14.10.2016 Baikal Dog-sledding trips & Sled Dog Racing in Siberia

Baikal dog-sledding trips are an unforgettable experience in which you are driving your own dogsled powered by a team of our friendly, handsome Kamchatka Huskies. These dogs absolutely live to pull. The pulling instinct is so strong that they need training nearly every day.

The dog-sledding base and starting point is located in Listvyanka village which is on the shore of Baikal and 70km away from Irkutsk city. The base has 40 dogs and is run by a family who race the dogs. They live in a wooden hut on the territory of the base. Dog-sledding take place from 11:00 till 17:00


To know more about the tour:

11.10.2016 Ice Diving at Baikal Lake: Time To Book Now

Seasons for under ice diving at Baikal:

January: Ice is about 20 cm thick. It is usually see-through. Dives are done 50-150 meters away from the shore, because it is still dangerous to get on the ice in the car. The dives are done in open water or with short visits under ice for advanced divers. Diving under the ice in a whole is available too. Dive sites: Rogatka, port Baikal, Listvyanka. Depths are 3 to 45 meters.  
February: Ice thickness is 80-120 cm. Ice is very proof and clear. In the beginning of February (because of changes in temperature) crack start to form. You can move on the ice with car. We also put warm tents on the ice. Dives into open water at the Angara River. Dives into ice-whole at Listvyanka, port Baikal, Railway.  
March. Ice’s about 80-120 cm thick. It’s very safe to travel on it. However, in the middle of March ice gets less clear. It’s the time when some ices crack a little forming “constructions”. The dives can be made into an ice-hole at Listvyanka, port Baikal, Bolshie Koty, and Railway.  
April, 1-15. Trip to Barguzin (eastern shore of Baikal, Buryatiya). There you can watch nerpa and baby-nerpa. There will be no snow on ice at this time. The dives will be done into an ice-hole next to nerpa’s habitat.  
April. Ice thickness is about 80-120 cm. Ice is usually very unclear. About April 10th it’s unsafe to move on the ice on cars. The dives will be done into open water with getting under the ice itself, in Listvyanka and Port Baikal.  
May. Ice is starting to melt.

Diving conditions: Water temperature is 0.5-1C. Visibility highly depends on snow on the ice. If there is no snow when from depth of 40 meters you can see cars and people on ice. If you look at the ice from the top, ice looks black, due to the depth. You can see divers through ice. Beginning in the middle of March visibility drops down to 10 meters. Depths vary from 3 to 30 meters. Dive tie is 45 minutes. There can be one or two dives a day depending on weather conditions. Advised equipment includes dry suit, dry gloves, and two winter regulators.


What can you see: except for usual Baikal’s landscapes you can see variety of ice constructions. In March ice starts moving which creates fascinating sites. Also caves and grottos often form in ice.

It's better to book the tour now, before New Year holidays.



The buddhists from all of the world visit the Ulaan Ude and Baikal Lake every year to selebrate the Lunar New Year. We are ready to organize the Great Buddhist Tour for you this year.

The Tour Program, prices and photos are here: 

21.09.2016 Winter Baikal Lake-Crossing Tour. Visa support free of charge!

Willing to live a unique experience in the very heart of Siberia? Test your strength! Hike on Lake Baikal ice, feel Siberian winter and enjoy the heat of Russian banya after such unforgettable experience! You will hike two days in total autonomy and far away from civilization with weather conditions being sometimes unfavorable. From Olkhon Island to Barguzinsky Bay, you will cross lake Baikal in its widest part, discovering ephemeral landscapes shaped by both wind and cold. You will have all necessary equipment for a safe and comfortable trip. During the crossing you will use sleds to carry the luggage. You will also be provided with ice-cleats in order to walk safe on the ice. Moreover you will overnight in a pre-prepared tent camp with hot meals in the center of Lake Baikal. It means you won’t need to carry tents, sleeping bags and food that make your trip easier and give an opportunity to participate in the tour not only well physically prepared people, but also teenagers and even elderly people. In addition, meals in the camp will be organized with a help of a cooker.

We are ready to organize this tour for you. Visa support is free of charge!

The tour program and prices are here:

03.09.2016 From St Petersburg to Beijing via Moscow-Irkutsk (Baikal)-Ulaan Baatar in 24 DAYS

Dear guests! This autamn we offer you the New Great Easten Tour!

You can see all Russia, Mongolia and China in 24 Days! You will see St Petersburg, Moscow, have a train trip to Irkutsk, visit Baikal (or even cross it by car), go to Mongolia, stay in traditional mongolian Ger and finish the tour in Beijing.

The tour programm and prices are here:

If you have questions, please contact us. VISA SUPPORT FREE OF CHARGE.


08.08.2016 Special prices for Pereslavl-Zalesskiy&Golden Ring tour

Dear guests! We are happy to suggest you the new town of Golden Ring - Pereslavl-Zalesskiy.

Is a town in Yaroslavl Oblast (Russia), located on the main Moscow–Yaroslavlroad and on the southeastern shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo. Known as Pereyaslavl until the 15th century, it was founded in 1152 by Prince Yury Dolgoruky as a projected capital of Zalesye.

The town has a bewildering array of churches and 6 monasteries with great history.

But the main reason to visit Pereslavl is Lake Plesheevo. The lake, which is part of Pleshcheyevo National Park, covers an area of over 51 km², its length being 9.5 kilometres (5.9 mi) and its shoreline 28 kilometres (17 mi). Although it is 25 metres (82 ft) deep in the middle, the waters near the shore are quite shallow. The lake is well known for camping, swimming, and fishing even in winter.

If you want to have an epic view on Plesheevo Lake every day, you have to stay in Viktoria Plaza Hotel.

You will be steps away from the famous places of the city and the unique lake. Here you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay with the whole family: the rooms categories from standard to the honeymoon Suite, highly functional conference hall, Banquet hall, restaurant with dishes from Europe and the Caucasus, a lobby bar, a café with glazed roof with views of the lake, children's room, small gym, free Wi-Fi, Parking in protected territory.


If you book the tour to Pereslavl this summer, we’ll give you 10 % discount! 

27.04.2016 June.7th-13th. An international meeting of aeronauts in Russia

An international meeting of aeronauts of 2016 is held in the town of Velikie Lyki. It is held the 21 St summer is succession. As usual, this event is to be the most awaited for several generations of Russian aeronauts and all over the World lovers of this fascinating kind of sport.


You have an opportunity to present at this amazing event doing the Golden Ring tour or any any other voyage along Russia that you may order at ours (in our firm) 

31.03.2016 The Great Winter Festival on Baikal (2016-2017). Book the tour now!

Baikal lake association of tourism has made up their mind to relive a festival of winter games on the Baikal that are called "Zimniada". This event was held in winter and spring of 2016 , first time after a few last years break. The tourists were riding dogsleds, were ice-diving and were ribing quad bikes. The ecological fest was held as well. Thousands of Buddhists came to the Baikal to swim its fairy water. On the 19 of March Zimniada has been closed by the match of underwater fishing, taking part in it participants have an opportunity to catch a real Baikal Omul. The winner has been awarded with a snowmobile. The next Zimniada will be held from December to March in 2017. 

16.03.2016 Irish Week in Moscow

Irish Week is the largest festival of Irish Culture in Russia, now celebrating their third year in Moscow. The programme will include the Irish Film Festival, the brand new Irish Documentary Film Festival, as well as the Fringe Fest, Ticket to Dublin, Mic Fest and Bards of Bedlam and many others – there will be more than 120 themed events for visitors.

The traditional St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be followed by the gala-festival Day and Night. Come and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of this famous Irish festival!

15.03.2016 From Moscow to Vladimir by retro train

A NEW RAIL-TRAVEL ATTRACTOIN HAS APPESRED ON THE WAY FROM MOSCOW TO THE ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MARVELOUS  TOWNS OF THE BIGGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Now YOU­ have an opportunity to go tHERE By special RETRO-TRAIN INCLUDING AN EXCITING excursion program and A tea-PARTY in A NATIVE Russian style. The retro-TRAIN travelers will be able to spend one or two days in Vladimir and Suzdal, according­ to their tourist program AND see the famous monuments of architecture, to feel ­the spirit of the real Russian provincE AND COVER The roads of RUSSIAN HISTORY.