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Russian Country Side

It is perfect for anyone looking for a getaway that is easy to reach, easy on the pocket and lots to do. At GRINT-HOSPITALITY we are dedicated to helping you escape to stunning natural surroundings, with the minimum fuss.

We invite You to the Region of Sergiev Posad

Only 45 minutes drive from Moscow (60km on the Yaroslavl road ) and You enjoy the Ecology, which is derived from combining the words "Oikos" (Earth) and "Logos" (the concept of understanding). It is a concept, which is gaining great significance due to the state of our world today.

The landscape here is typical of central Russia. There are thick fir forests and low hills in this northeastern part of the Moscow region. It is cut by the small Voria river whose banks a covered with thick bush.

Sergiev Posad is the town built around the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, one of Russia's most important religious and historical landmarks. The monastery was founded in about 1340 by Sergius of Radonezh (now patron saint of Russia), a monk with enough moral authority to untie the country against Tatar rule, blessing Dmitry Donskoy's army before it gave the Tatars their first beating in 1380.

The monastery's status as defender of the motherland grew during the Time of Troubles; it withstood a 16-month siege when Moscow was occupied by the Poles. You will visit with us:
  • Trinity monastery of St. Sergius
  • Trinity Cathedral and Cathedral of the Assumption
  • Vestry and Refectory Church of St. Sergius
  • Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit and Convent of the Intercession.
Abramtsevo Estate Museum-Preserve (7km south-west from Sergiev Posad)

The small Aramtsevo estate was a seedbed for several 19th-century movements aiming to preserve nationalistic Russian religious, social and aesthetic values. In the 1840s and 1850s it was the home of Sergey Axakov, pioneer novelist of Russian realism, and a refuge for upper-class intellectuals.

In 1870 Savva Mamontov, a railway tycoon and patron pf the arts, bought Abramtsevo and turned it into an artist's colony dedicated to a renaissance of traditional Russian art and architecture which would have a strong influence on painting, sculpture, applied art and even theater. The list of resident painters alone represents a who's who of 'neo-Russianism': Ilya Repin, landscape artist Isaak Levitan, portraitist Valentin Serov and the quite un-Slavonic painter and ceramicist Mikhail Vrubel.

Other projects included woodworking and ceramics workshops, Mamontov's private opera (where Fyodor Chaliapin made his debut) and several buildings designed, built and decorated by group efforts.

The city of Khotkovo and the Convent of the Intercession (Pokrovsky Monastyr) between Abramtsevo and Sergiev Posad.

It was founded in 1308 though the present buildings are from the 18th century or later.

The parents of Sergius of Radonezh, Russia's patron saint and founder of the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius at Sergiev Posad, are buried in the convent's recently restored Intercession Cathedral (Pokrovsky sobor). The biggest building in the convent is the early-20th-century St. Nicolas' Cathedral (Nikolsky sobor).

Additional services

All the excursions can be ordered and paid beforehand or directly on the spot.

Active outdoors

The local area is a walker's paradise, with riverside strolls and miles of forests.
  • Biking or cycling (available for hire). The rolling Abramtsevo countryside is ideal for cycling with quiet lanes and picturesque villages.
  • There are 3 huge forest lakes at this region (one has a private beach club with all possibilities of beach sports and swimming activities).
  • Watersports, horse-riding and various other adventures.
  • Fishing on a private loch or in local rivers and forest lakes.
  • Barbecue areas (every evening we offer barbecue for our guests).
  • Rural Farm activities of tipical Russian style.
  • Winter sports include skiing, snow boarding and climbing, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
Sergiev Posad is steeped in local culture and has influenced many locals in embracing the traditional crafts. There are numerous places to purchase local art and crafts in Sergiev Posad and Abramtsevo.

Abramtsevo Horse Club beautiful covered manege with panaramic window, sizes window opening and openness allow rider to feel itself with nature in private.

When it is cold feels warmer inside! We recommend refreshment by the fire in one of the pubs, cafes or tearooms in Sergiev Posad or visit an excellent swimming and recreation centre or The Casino and Bawling club. Also check out Abramtsevo's imaginative art galleries and independent shops.



Country Guest House or Wooden House

Twin/Double room: 30 Euro per night/ 15 Euro per person, including breakfast & evening barbecue (every day!!!).


Cottages near Torbeyevo lake region

The cost of twin/double room is 40 Euro per night/ 20 Euro per person, full board is included.

All the facilities are in the room. We offer a transfer from Moscow downtown to the Country Guest House (Cottages) 30 Euro per a car (including Russian Monasteries Tour).
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