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The Great Trans-Siberian journey from Moscow to Pacific Ocean

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  • Trans Siberian train
  • Moscow,Patriarchal ponds district
  • Moscow,Hermitage hotel***
  • Moscow,Hermitage hotel***,double bed room
  • Moscow,Hermitage hotel***,twin bedded room
  • Moscow,Novospassky monastery
  • Moscow,St.Bazil's Cathedral (Shaun and Karen Ironmonger,Australia,February 2013)
  • 2 minutes to departure (Shaun and Karen Ironmonger,Australia,February 2013)
  • Irkutsk,old town
  • Church in Irkutsk (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Ice on Baikal lake
  • Baikal lake view
  • Baikal lake view
  • Boat trip on Baikal
  • Listvyanka village,Baikal lake shore,wooden chalet with all facilities
  • Spring on Baikal lake (sent by Teri Hruska USA)
  • Circum Baikal Railroad Train (sent by Teri Hruska,USA)
  • Baikal lake,February 2013 (Shaun and Karen Ironmonger from Australia)
  • Lunch time in the train (Shaun and Karen Ironmonger,Australia,February 2013)
  • View from the train window (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Vladivostok Beach (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Vladivostok,Pedestrian Zone (Rick and Nancy from USA)
  • Vladivostok,Pacific Ocean view (Rick and Nancy from USA)

Day 1

Arrive Moscow, car transfer to hotel Hermitage hotel***,city center located,beside Pokrovsky boulevard,nearest metro is Kurskaya.

Day 1 Moscow, check in to the hotel, 3 hour introductory walking tour of the central sights of Moscow.

Usually guide take the clients on a personally tour of the city center. This is a walking tour, which also uses public transport. The guide will show them the magnificent underground stations (10-15 minutes) as well as the classics such as Red Square and the Kremlin. 

Red Square: the main Square of Moscow lies immediately outside the Kremlin’s north –east wall. Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) is the nub of the city and of all Russia. Though the Kremlin walls and some buildings around it are indeed red, the proper translation of its name is ‘beautiful’. And so it is. The buildings on the square include St Basil’s Cathedral, the History Museum, GUM department store and the red – granite mausoleum, completed in 1930, which holds Lenin’s embalmed body. It was also designed to serve as a tribune from which Soviet leaders could view the great parades marking May Day and the anniversary of the Revolution.

Manezhnaya square: Wide Manezhnaya square (Formerly square of 50 years of Great October Socialist revolution) at the north end of Red Square. Busy Tverskaya Street runs up to the northwest’ Okhotny Ryad prospect leads north east to Teatralnaya square & Bolshoy theatre’ Mokhovaya street leads couth-west corner of the Kremlin. Manezhnaya square is turned into a pedestrian zone with an underground shopping mall.

The long, low building on the south – west side of the square is the Central Exhibition Hall, home to some of Moscow’s most popular art exhibitions.

Day 1-2 Moscow, hotel Tourist, twin room, including 1 breakfast.

Day 2

Own way to Kremlin entrance.

Day 2, 10:00, meeting with Kremlin guide near Kutafya tower (white colour). 3 hrs walking tour including territory, 2 cathedrals and armoury.

Kremlin: Moscow begins from the Kremlin – the central and ancient part of the capital situated on Borovitsky Hill. Today’s Kremlin the product of building, decryption and re building, provides a panorama of Russian architectural history from the 15th century to the present day.

The main Kremlin churches group together on Cathedral Square. First among them is the Cathedral of the Assumption (Uspensky Sobor), the coronation church of all the tsars, built in the 1470s by the Italian architect.

Ancient cathedrals and the Armoury Chamber, Russia’s oldest museums with it’s unique collection.

Day 2, 13:00 free time

Day 2, 20:30, car transfer to Kazansky railwaystation.

Day 2, 22:08, train # 2 Moscow-Kazan

Day 3

Day 3, 9:29 arr.Kazan, car transfer to the hotel Hayal*** (university str.16, университетская улица 16)

Day 3, 12:00, 3hours introduction walking city tour, including Kremlin and Bauman street.

Pedestrian excursion along the Kazan Kremlin and the Bauman street

In the Kazan Kremlin you will visit the biggest in Europe mosque Kul-Sharif-mosque and the Annunciation cathedral (the oldest stone construction of Kazan, one of the oldest active churches in the Volga region). You will also see our Leaning Tower - the Suyumbike Tower and even the place, where the Kazan khans were buried.

During the excursion along the Bauman street tourists will the following places of interest: Bogoyavlensky (Epiphany) Cathedral, where Shalyapin was baptized, National Bank, where the gold reserve of Russia was kept, and the antique hotel “Kazan”. They will also have an opportunity to make photo of numerous original founrains, the monument to the Cat of Kazan, and to sit in the carriage of Catherine the Great.

Day 3-4, Kazan, Hayal hotel, twin room, including breakfast.

Day 4

Day 4, 3:30, Kazan, transfer to the railway station.

Day 4, 4:34, train # 16 Kazan-Ekaterinburg

Day 4, 20:17, arr.Ekaterinburg, transfer to Parus hotel*** (moscowskaya str.195, московская улица 195)

Day 4-5 Ekaterinburg, Parus hotel, twin room including breakfast.

Day 5

Day 5, 10:00, Ekaterinburg, 5 hours tour by car to Tzar Nicolay the 2nd secret grave and the Europe-Asia border.

Day 5, 20:30, Ekaterinburg, transfer to the railway station

Day 5, 21:23, train # 26 Ekaterinburg-Novosibirsk

Day 6

Day 6, 18:15, arr.Novosibirsk, transfer to Sibir hotel*** (Lenin str.21, улица Ленина 21)

Day 6-7 Novosibirsk hotel, twin room, including breakfast

Day 7

Day 7, 10:00-14:00, Novosibirsk, city tour by car with the visit to local museum.

City tour of Novosibirsk, covering all the main attractions of the city: Novosibirsk Railway Station – the biggest station of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, Ascension Cathedral, Krasny Prospect street, Lenin Square - city center with the biggest world’s Opera House, old wooden houses on Gorkogo Str. - the oldest part of the city, St.Nicolas Chapel – the geographic center of Russia, river Ob’ embankment and colorful Siberian farm-market. Visit of the Local Lore (History Museum), featuring the fascinating and mystical history of Siberia OR boat-trip on OB river.

Day 7, 20:30, Novosibirsk, transfer to the railway station.

Day 7, 21:30, train #2 Novosibirsk-Irkutsk

Day 9

Day 9, 6:16 arr.Irkutsk, transfer to Irkutsk hotel*** (Gagarin boulevard 44, бульвар Гагарина 44)

Day 9, 10:00-13:00 Irkutsk, walking city tour with the visit to local museum

Irkutsk was founded in 1661 when the Russian military cossack troops established a fortress on the right bank of the Angara River. From late 17th century, it was a political, economical and cultural center of Siberia. The city's Russian classical architecture dates back to the period of the 1880s when the city boomed after gold was discovered in the area. Most of the brick mansions and grand public buildings varying in architectural styles were constructed in the late 19th - early 20th century. The beautiful Russian Orthodox churches and a Polish Cathedral (the only Siberian Gothic-style building) are located in downtown. You will see many small one- and two-story wooden houses or cabins that are decorated with "wooden laces" (hand-made carvings) as well as modern constructions of the 20th century. Tourists visit either the Irkutsk Museum of Regional Studies or the Decembrists' House. During the city tour of Irkutsk, our guide tells you about the development of the Siberian city evolution, and shows the most interesting sights and peculiar features of one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. Price includes guide service and a ticket to museum. Lunch is not included.

Day 9-10 Irkutsk, hotel Irkutsk, twin room, including breakfast

Day 10

Day 10, 5:45, Irkutsk, transfer to railway station Day 10, 6:42, train # 8 Irkutsk-Ulaan Ude Day 10, 13:32, arr.Ulaan Ude, transfer to Baikal Plaza hotel**** (Erbanov str.12, улица Ербанова 12) Day 10, after check in to the hotel.Ivolginsky datsan tour by car Ivolginsky Datsan, located in East Siberia near Lake Baikal, is the most important Buddhist monastery in Russia. It is also home to a phenomenon that continues to intrigue scientists and attract believers by the thousands — the preserved body of the Khambo Lama, who died in 1927 and is still sitting upright in the lotus position . Interestingly, Itigilov's testament also requested that monks exhume his body after a period of some years. This was done once in 1955 and again in 1973, after some difficulty in locating the body. Both times they found the body perfectly preserved and still sitting upright (which a dead body cannot normally do for more than two weeks). The monks did not publicize the astonishing phenemon due to the anti-religion policies of the Communist government

The exhumed body of Itigilov, still in the lotus position in which he died. Source unknown.

The body of Dasha-Dorzho Itigilov was transferred to Ivolginksy Datsan and publicly unveiled for the first time in September 2002, 75 years after his death in 1927. His body has decayed slightly since its exhumation but still remains in a state of preservation that baffles scientists and draws believers by the thousands.

Day 11

Day 11, 13:00, Ulaan Ude, transfer to railway station.

Day 11, 14:02, train # 2 Ulaan Ude-Khabarovsk

Day 13

Day 13, 17:37, arr.Khabarovsk, transfer to Intourist hotel*** (amursky boulevard 2, амурский бульвар 2)

Day 13-14 Khabarovsk, Intourist hotel***, twin room, including breakfast.

Day 14, 10:00-13:00 Khabarovsk, walking city tour with the visit to local museum.

City tour will allow  you to see the central part of the city, it's main attractions, different city squares, Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Savior, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin, walk along the quay and Muravyov-Amursky street, the most popular place for leisurely, Glory and Station squares? Central market.  Visit Museum of History named after Gradekov with department of nature and local minorities. 

Day 14

Day 14, 17:00, transfer to railway station

Day 14, 18:07, train # 8 Khabarovsk-Vladivostok

Day 15

Day 15, 6:33 arr.Vladivostok, transfer to Vladivostok hotel*** (naberezhnaya str.10, набережная улица 10)

Day 15, 10:00-13:00, Vladivostok, walking city tour with submarine museum

During this walking tour you will enjoy the old streets of the town that boast original ensembles of different architectural styles — gothic and classics, empire and baroque, Russian and oriental. The guide will tell you about history of the Vladivostok fortress and the town’s main sights. The tour includes an excursion to the submarine C—56.

Day 15-16, Vladivostok, hotel Vladivostok, twin room with breakfast.

Day 16

Day 16 Vladivostok, transfer to airport.

All given times are local.

The costs

EURO around 9340 for a couple in 2 berth cabins.

EURO around 5488 for a couple in 4 berth cabins.

Russian visa support documents (confirmation and voucher): free of charge.

the number of stopover points might be rundown.