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Moscow — train tickets, accomodation and transfers

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MOSCOW is Russia's ancient capital.Red Square is world-famous,with St.Basil's Cathedral,Lenin's tomb and GUM.Adjacent is the Kremlin,a massive 16th Fortress containing the still-older Cathedrals which are must-see attraction.Tretyakov gallery,the Pushkin fine arts museum,Izmaiovo fleamarket,Kolomenskoye estate,Kuskovo palace,Arbat street,Novodevichiy convent and much more await you.

  • Yaroslavsky Railway Station.The Start Point of Transsiberian and Treansmongolian Railway tours from Moscow.
  • The Unique photo of Rossiya Hotel,which is destroyed now.
  • Rossiya Hotel is the Monument of Soviet Style.
  • Old St.Basil's Cathedral and Modern Beer Ad
  • Jesus Christ the Saviour Cathedral.
  • Kremlin and Kamenny Bridge.
  • Peter the Great Monument.
  • Crimea Bridge.
  • Stalin Skyscraper.Kotelnicheskaya embarkment
  • Cold Kiss Dutchie with Polar Bear at Moscow (Jesse and Mimi ,Holland)
  • One of the thousand Moscow's Churches.
  • The Kremlin's Wall.
  • Moskva River Hard Traffic.
  • Winter in Kolomenskoye Estate.
  • Kolomenskoye,Voznesensky Churh.
  • Kolomenskoye,St.George Church.
  • Kolomenskoye,St.George Church from another point.
  • Kolomenskoye Wooden Gates.
  • Gorky Culture Park.
  • Andreyevsky Bridge.
  • Kremlin,Alexandrovsky Garden.
  • History Museum and Crazy Taffic on Tverskaya Street
  • Kolomenskoye,Tzar Alexey Palace
  • Kolomenskoye,Tzar Alexey palace,Inside
  • Kolomenskoye,Tzar Alexey Palace,from another point.
  • Novospassky Monastery.
  • Victory Park
  • Near the Patriarch Ponds.
  • Leontievsky lane,near Tverskaya street

Moscow appeared in the chronicles in 1147 and its history starts with a legend of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky ('the long-armed'),who is considered to be the city's founder The Kremlin and the Red Square are definitely Moscow's main sights and symbols of allof Russia. Ancient Cathedrals,the Armoury Chamber and the Diamond Fund with its unique collection of precious stones and jewerly,are located within the Moscow Kremlin. Moscow is a real metropolis:the city spans 40 km (25 miles) from north to south and over 30 km (19 miles) from east to west. The population of near 15 million (including the vicinities) makes Moscow the world's fifthlargest city: also ,over a million visitors,mostly tourists,are in the city on any given day. All those who have business in Moscow,and those just passing through,try to delay their departure for a few days just to learn more about the city.

For your attention we could offer hotels,apartments,homestay accommodation.

Transportation and guide service.

Domestic and international railway tickets,including trans-siberian and transmongolian with stopover. Golden ring tours to Sergiev Posad,Yaroslavl,Kostroma,Suzdal,Vladimir.

As Moscow is the start point of Trans-Siberian(Trans-Mongolian) railway trip from west to east, we invite you to do this amazing trip.

Tours in Moscow and starting from Moscow

Moscow Walking City Tour 3 hour orientation tour of central sights of Moscow,like Red Square,St.Bazil's Cathedral,Lenin's Tomb,GUM,Alexandrovsky Garden,Manezh Square,Lubyanka KGB building,Bolshoy Theatre,Tverskaya and Arbat street: EUR 50 per group of 1-4 persons. contact us

Moscow.Kremlin tour Territory,Assumption Cathedral,Annunciation Cathedral,Armoury Chamber. EUR 120/single,EUR 150/couple,EUR 180/group of 3,EUR 220/group of 4. contact us

Moscow Tretyakov Gallery and Pushkin Fine Arts Museum tour on metro. EUR 120/single,EUR 130/couple,EUR 150/group of 3,EUR 160/group of 4. contact us

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Train tickets from Moscow

to Moscow
Destination Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Ekaterinburg 16 On even dates 04:50PM 08:09PM 20:9 €212 €101
St. Petersburg 2 Daily 11:55PM 07:55AM 8:1 €131 €72
Irkutsk 4 On Tuesdays 11:55PM 07:27AM 74:43 €525 €293
Irkutsk 6 On Wednesdays and Thursdays 11:45PM 07:28AM 74:38 €525 €293
Irkutsk 20 On Saturdays 11:55PM 08:28AM 75:33 €525 €307
Ulan Ude 4 On Tuesdays 09:35PM 12:56PM 82:25 €529 €340
Ulan Ude 6 On Wednesdays and Thursdays 09:35PM 12:56PM 82:25 €529 €340
Ulan Ude 20 On Saturdays 11:55PM 03:49PM 82:54 €529 €340
Ulaan Baatar 4 On Tuesdays 09:35PM 06:40AM 100:55 €580 €350
Ulaan Baatar 6 On Wednesdays and Thursdays 11:55PM 06:50AM 100:55 €580 €350
Pekin 4 On Tuesdays 11:45PM 11:40AM 127:55 €950 €630
Pekin 20 On Saturdays 11:55PM 05:31AM 145:36 €981 €692
St. Petersburg 758 Daily 01:30PM 06:00PM 4:30 €75
Perm 18 Daily 12:45PM 11:55AM 22:40 €361 €226
Novosibirsk 26 On even dates 04:20PM 06:15PM 46:55 €625 €300
St. Petersburg 4 Daily 11:59PM 08:00AM 8:1 €200 €135
Novosibirsk 68 On odd dates 10:55PM 05:36AM 51:41 €470 €274
Irkutsk 70 Daily 01:35PM 09:46AM 87:11 €346
Ulan Ude 82 Daily 01:10PM 11:14AM 89:4 €334
Irkutsk 2 On odd dates 11:45PM 07:18AM 74:33 €916 €491
St. Petersburg 16 Daily 12:43AM 08:44AM 8:1 €169 €70
Ekaterinburg 56 Daily 04:20PM 08:59PM 26:39 €335 €167
Source Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
St. Petersburg 29 Daily 10:01PM 05:30AM 00:00 €167 €98
Irkutsk 1 On even dates 06:47AM 06:00AM 76:14 €830 €380
St. Petersburg 1 Daily 11:55PM 07:55AM 00:00 €170 €113
Pekin 3 On Wednesdays 11:22AM 01:58PM 131:43 €1005 €640
Pekin 19 On Saturdays 11:00PM 05:58PM 144:17 €1050 €705
Ulaan Baatar 5 On Tuesdays and Fridays 03:25PM 02:28PM 00:00 €483 €299
Ekaterinburg 15 On even dates 10:12AM 09:23AM 25:11 €374 €207
Ulan Ude 1 On odd dates 11:19AM 05:58PM 83:39 €618 €416
Ekaterinburg 7 On even dates 01:28AM 06:23AM 30:55 €95
Ekaterinburg 109 On even dates 08:44AM 10:07AM 27:23 €291 €95
Vladivostok 1 On even dates 11:30AM 06:01AM 145:31 €1077 €660
St. Petersburg 757 Daily 01:30PM 06:00PM 4:30 €164 €89

Accomodation in Moscow

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Book homestays in Moscow

Single Double
City Center Homestay €40 book €60 book
Surikoff Guesthouse (Suzdal,Golden Ring town) €65 book €84 book
Matreshka €82 book €90 book

The prices are given per room per night, including breakfast.

Homestays should be booked with arriving transfer. Our taxi driver will meet you and transfer to your homestay.

Transfers in Moscow

Airport Sheremetyevo,Domodedovo,Vnukovo. €50
Any Railway station of Moscow €30

The prices are given per car.