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Accomodation in Ulaan Baatar

Book homestays in Ulaan Baatar

Single Double
Homestay €30 book €45 book
Undruul hotel €62 book €86 book
Bayangol hotel €89 book €124 book
Chinggis Ger Camp €30 book €60 book

The prices are given per room per night, including breakfast.

Homestays should be booked with arriving transfer. Our taxi driver will meet you and transfer to your homestay.

Chinggis Ger Camp

Mongolian Ger camp is located in the Southern part of Terelj National Park, in 55 km (25 miles) from
Ulaan Baatar.
Chingis ger camp is fully equipped with electricity (220 v),hot showers,western style toilets and running water.
There 5 twin bedded and 7 triple bedded gers.
The camp restoraunt offers Mongolian (including famouse khorkhog),Asian,European and Latin food.
Breakfast is included to the cost.
The big choice of different activities like horseback riding, fishing,mongolian folk show mini Naadam festival and etc...