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Ulan Ude — train tickets, accomodation and transfers

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Ulan-Ude is the capital city of the Buryat Republic, Russia, is located about 100 km south-east of Lake Baikal on the Uda River at its confluence with the Selenga.

According to the 2002 Census, 359,391 residents lived in Ulan-Ude, up from 351,806 recorded in 1989 and it is the third largest city in eastern Siberia.

  • Baikal Lake
  • Beautiful Flora of Baikal lake
  • Baikal Lake Trapped under Ice.
  • Local Buryats in their national clothes
  • The Performance of the Rite by local shaman
  • The Old Fisherman.The fish was caught in Baikal Lake.
  • The centre of Ulan-Ude
  • Lenin Monument in the Centre of the City of ULan-Ude.

The Republic of Buryatia is situated to the south and east of Lake Baikal. This is a centre of Buddhism in Russia,and about three dozen datsans (Buddhist temples) are located here.As all nomadic steppe peoples,the Buryats have always worshiped the horse. Wranglers always know every one of their horses 'by sight'. The Friendly Horse is the main character of Buryat legends and myths. The healing power of a mare's milk,called koumiss,is highly appreciated here.

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Train tickets from Ulan Ude

to Ulan Ude
Destination Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Ulaan Baatar 4 On Saturdays 04:22PM 06:30AM 15:13 €197 €132
Ulaan Baatar 6 On Sundays 04:22PM 03:13PM 00:00 €197 €132
Ulaan Baatar 362 Daily 06:55AM 05:03AM 23:15 €125
Pekin 4 On Saturdays 04:22PM 02:04PM 49:34 €469 €285
Pekin 20 On Wednesdays 04:14PM 05:31AM 62:17 €594 €359
Moscow 1 On odd dates 11:19AM 05:58PM 83:39 €618 €416
Irkutsk 361 Daily 11:47PM 07:52AM 8:5 €51
Source Train number Departure dates Departure time Arrival time Duration 1st class 2nd class
Moscow 4 On Tuesdays 09:35PM 12:56PM 82:25 €529 €340
Moscow 6 On Wednesdays and Thursdays 09:35PM 12:56PM 82:25 €529 €340
Moscow 20 On Saturdays 11:55PM 03:49PM 82:54 €529 €340
Irkutsk 4 On Saturdays 05:18AM 01:00PM 7:17 €160 €80
Irkutsk 6 On Sundays 05:18AM 01:00PM 7:17 €160 €80
Irkutsk 362 Daily 10:15PM 06:15AM 9:40 €65
Moscow 82 Daily 01:10PM 11:14AM 89:4 €334
Khabarovsk 43 On even dates 03:23PM 06:12PM 52:49 €228 €134

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Railway station €41

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