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Russian tourist visa support

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GRINT-Hospitality licensed by the Russian authority to provide international travel services and is officially registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist with the processing of visa formalities. The Certificate of Quality and the Reference of the Ministry of Foreign Affair is present.

For those clients who have booked accommodation or transiberian(transmongolian) tickets with us, our tourist visa support documents (confirmation and voucher) are FREE OF CHARGE.

Visa registration for whole period of stay in russia is €30 per person in case you have homestay or apartment accommodation.

We can help you to get a tourist visa for up to 1 month (double entry maximum). For the invitation letter we will need the following information:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • citizenship;
  • passport details;
  • date of entry to Russia & length of stay;
  • fax number or e-mail address to send you an invitation.

Please check if your embassy accepts either fax or scan copies! If not, we can send you the original invitation by express mail; the cost of delivery will be added to the net price. To apply for visa at the consulate, bring along:

  • Invitation;
  • Passport;
  • Photocopy of your Passport;
  • 3 ID Photos;
  • Consular fee;
  • Additional documents (it depends on the host country).

When filling in an application form at the consulate:

  • In section 'purpose of trip' fill 'PLEASURE'.
  • In section 'department or organizations to be visit' fill 'GRINT - HOSPITALITY'.
  • Our reference number is 0180.

When receiving visa check length of stay in Russia and dates. If there is anything wrong ask for changing or explanation.

You must take a copy of the invitation letter and have it with you when crossing the border.

Make sure that you have an entry stamp when crossing Russian or CIS border and that the entry page (the word ENTRACE in Russian marked with red at the bottom) has been torn away by the border guard. Otherwise your visa will be invalid!

Please, be sure that you recieved ‘migration card’. Notice that you have your ‘migration card’ stamped on border. Please, keep you ‘migration card’ with your passport and visa. It should be registered within 3 working days after crossing border on condition that you stay at hostfamily. You could do the registration of your ‘migration card’ with us. If you prefer hotel ‘migration card’ will be registered automatically. The ‘migration card’ (registered) should be removed on border.

If you are on train reaching destination point for more than 3 working days after crossing border, please, keep your train ticket with yourself to get registered.